Our company philosophy is simply to create power through knowledge. It is this philosophy that forms the basis of all of our seminars, presentations and written material.

We recognise that the key to effective self-protection is having the ability to control the way you think in a conflict situation, combined with knowledge of how the offender is thinking. Once put in place this enables an individual to identify the weakness of their opponent and to exploit that weakness with a strategy.

We believe very strongly that the knowledge you take into a situation is what determines your ability to control it. Our emphasis is not on perfecting physical strikes, nor physically overpowering an attacker, we do not teach any style of martial arts. Our seminars are designed to educate people about the psychology behind conflict, dealing with fear, self-belief and motivation.

Our goal is that those attending our seminars can go away with the ability to answer the fundamental question regarding self-protection, the question asked by every individual in every type of conflict situation, the question who's answer ultimately determines your ability to protect yourself, - 'what do I have to do to get out of this?'

Our company's reputation has been built on our ability to impart this knowledge in a powerful, straightforward and effective manner. Over 60,000 people's lives have benefited from attending our seminars since 1991.