What if there's more than one guy then what do you do? April 2001

One of the most commonly asked questions during my seminars is; "What if there's more than one guy then what do you do?" I thought this would be a good opportunity to detail my strategies for dealing with a gang confrontation. The best way to approach this is to look at the three stages of this type of confrontation, and evaluate effective strategies for each stage or situation. ….Read More

Dealing with Gang Confrontations September 2001
In my experience the gang rape/abduction situation is potentially the most violent, life-threatening situation any girl or woman could ever be confronted with. There is no easy way to address this scenario just as there is no easy, or 100% successful way, of dealing with it. Although not common, (statistically), sadly gang rape is a product of the violent society we live in and needs to be addressed accordingly…. Read More

The Dog on The Couch Strategy January 2002
I have been teaching the 'Dog on the couch' strategy for so long I can't actually remember how it originated. Every girl and woman who attends my seminars is taught the strategy and I can honestly say that in eight years I have never heard of it not working in a harassment situation...Read More

Typical Sexual Harassment Scenario- April 2002
The group or gang confrontation has specific dynamics that are not an issue when faced with the individual offender, therefore this situation needs to be addressed independently. The prospect of being confronted by one offender is daunting enough without having to consider the likelihood of there being two, three, four or more to deal with. However, as with the weapon confrontation, dealing effectively with the group or gang is well within the capabilities of most people if they understand basic gang psychology and are aware of the key factors required to de-escalate the situation and maintain control. Read More

Confrontations with Groups and Gangs- PART II July 2002
Following on from our previous issue where we looked into dealing with the 'avoidable confrontation', let's now look into dealing effectively with the 'unavoidable confrontation'. If avoiding the confrontation is no longer an option we need to address ways to de-escalate the situation and ultimately get to safety. This type of scenario could arise as a result of walking out of a subway straight into the midst of a group or gang. Read More


Win, Succeed or Reach the Top May 2001
Without doubt, the key to success in all areas of our live determined by our ability to motivate ourselves to succeed. Whether it be sport, business, school or self protection, those that Win, Succeed or Reach the Top, all have one thing in common - their ongoing motivation to achieve their goals. Read More

Situation Vs Motivation October 2001
It has been said that if success is the desired destination, then motivation is the fuel required to getting you there. Certainly in a conflict situation victory always belongs to those most motivated to win. In fact if you look at anything you have ever achieved in life it is your motivation that has driven you to that achievement. ….Read More

Keys to Success November 2001
Once we have the ability to control the way we think we have the ability to control any situation we are confronted with. I have said all along that the keys to succeeding in self protection are the same as the keys to succeeding in anything in life, let us now look at what these keys are:. ….Read More


Legal Issues Relating To Sexual Crime June 2001
Most of us are familiar with terms such as 'date rape' and 'stranger rape' but many would have difficulty in actually defining what these terms mean legally and what constitutes an offence under the law. I trust that the following information can fill in some of the gaps and identify very clearly the legal issues relating to sexual crime. …..Read More

Date Rape Drugs August 2001
The sedative 'rohypnol' is often trendily referred to as the 'date rape drug'. Although, in my experience, it is not overly common to hear of any actual incidents involving the drug there is no doubting the 'reputation' it has amongst those who have heard of it. Having said this, due to the nature of rohypnol, you could argue that those who have been affected by it might well have no memory of the incident. ….Read More

What is Sexual Harassment - February 2002
Once we have an understanding of how to control the way we think in a pressure situation the next step is understanding how the offender thinks. Only then are we in a position to take control.

I believe the most effective way to examine the typical male mindset in a conflict situation is to examine sexual harassment. Put simply, once you understand sexual harassment you understand every form of male to female conflict. So let us now build the foundation upon which we can develop strategies to deal with any situation we are confronted with. ….Read More

Typical Sexual Harassment Scenario- March 2002
Imagine it is a Friday night. You are out at a bar in the city with two or three girlfriends enjoying a girl's night out. The girls decide to visit the bathroom that is located at the opposite end of the bar to where you are sitting. Standing outside the women's toilet is a group of guys. In amongst the group is the guy we have profiled in earlier newsletters. The Dickhead! . ….Read More


Sex Offender Profiled July 2001
Over the past 10 years I have spent a great deal of time studying and profiling sex offenders. During this time I have learnt much about the processes and psychology of offenders and the patterns of their crimes. This research has also highlighted the fact that when you place offenders into specific categories you can identify typical traits and patterns that can enable us to select effective strategies to use against them. …..Read More