Brent Sanders is the Managing Director of "Winning Edge Strategies" and over the past eleven years has lectured to over 80,000 people in the areas of personal protection, conflict psychology and self-motivation.

With an extensive background in the police force, combined with a unique understanding of the psychology of conflict, he is without doubt one of Australia's leading authorities in this field.

Brent is also the author of the groundbreaking book on conflict psychology, How Dangerous Men Think which has recently been released throughout Australia and overseas.

His philosophy on self-protection is a simple yet powerfully effective one based on, firstly, developing the ability to control the way we think in a pressure situation, secondly, knowledge of how the offender is thinking and thirdly always having a strategy that puts you in control.

From this foundation he combines his vast personal experience with extensive research and proven strategies to take you where most have never gone before, not only into the mind of a typical offender, but an in-depth look into every conceivable conflict situation ranging from verbal harassment through to sexual assault, weapon and gang confrontations.

Brent's strategies for dealing with each individual type of conflict are straightforward, precise, proven and achievable to all who attend his seminars. The focus is not on physical strength and martial arts training, but rather the ability to stay calm, focus and convert fear into a winning strategy.

With the knowledge and expertise gained from over a decade of policing and public speaking, Brent's mix of credibility, innovation, sincerity and humour enable him to strike an immediate rapport with the thousands of people who have attended his seminars.

His clients include:- over 150 state and private secondary schools throughout NSW, Optus Vision, Telstra, ANZ Bank, IBM, Advance Bank, Blackmores, Newcastle City Council, Wyong Shire Council, Lake MacQuarie Council, NSW State Parliament, University of New England, MacQuarie University, Hunt and Hunt Solicitors, Lend Lease, Caltex, L.J Hooker, plus numerous clubs, women's groups and organisations… and the list keeps on growing.

Brent Sanders is truly an inspirational communicator who speaks from the heart and has the unique ability to convey his message with power and conviction, an ability witnessed by the thousands who have benefited from the knowledge they have received.