This is not a physical based martial arts style course - this is a total self-protection programme centered around Self Motivation, Assertiveness and basic Conflict Psychology.
Conflict resolution is 99% mental attitude- 1% physical application

The programme has been designed, created and is presented by, Brent Sanders, Managing Director of Winning Edge Strategies. Brent is an ex-Police Officer with more than a decade of experience and knowledge gained through Policing and public speaking.

No other individual or company anywhere in Australia has spoken to more women on self-protection than Brent. Since 1991 over 60,000 women from more than 150 corporations, Government departments' etc., have attended in excess of 1,500 seminars Brent has conducted throughout N.S.W.

Unlike the majority of self-defence courses that focus only on physical force, Back off has been developed around the 3 key elements of effective self-protection:

* The Ability to control how we think in pressure situations
* Knowing what the offender is thinking
* The importance of always having a strategy.

The expertise of Brent Sanders, the facilitator, does not come from books, videos or movies, but from a combination of real life experiences as a front line Police officer together with ten years of research, study and conducting seminars for women throughout Australia.

Topics covered include:

Fear Management:
* Self Motivation & Belief
* Negative Role Models
* Dealing with Harassment
* How the Harasser Thinks

Offender Psychology:
* The Stranger Rapist
* The Weapon Confrontation
* Group & Gang Confrontations
* Effective, Proven Strategies

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